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DANBACK™ is a trademark of Daniel W. Tollenaar
US Patent Number 6,705,056



Product Specs and Documents

Danback is made of 3/4” Dricon fire retardant treated wood (FRT) and is available in standard Fire-Rated and FSC Certified.

EPA registered protection against termites & fungal decay.
U.S. Patent No. 6,705,056
Used as backing plate for fixtures in metal stud walls.

Reduces installation time up to 90%.

Provides extra screw pullout strength for heavy-duty backing applications.

Works with most major manufacturers of 20-25 gauge steel studs.

Available in 48” sections, for either 16“ or 24” on-center framing.

Meets all specifications for commercial and residential applications.

Door Jams and Wood Trim
Cabinets and Vanities
Ceiling and Crown Moldings

Currently DANBACK is available in two convenient sizes:

DANBACK (four foot sections)
48” x 5-1/8”

DANBACK Singles (for small spaces and stair runs)
16” or 24” x 5-1/8”

Clark Dietrich

More Information: (Clark Dietrich Videos and PDFS)

Danback™ Flexible Wood Backing Plate (D16)

Danback™ Flexible Wood Backing Plate (D24)

Danback Flexible Wood Backing Plate (D16-24) pdf version


FRT Wood complies with or has been granted
the following:
AWPA C20/C27
AWPA P17 (FR-1)
EPARegistration (62190-9)
UL Building Materials Directory
UL Recognized Component
NYC MEA 199-81-M
NYC MEA 200-81-M

Factory Mutual Class I Roof Deck
City of Los Angeles (RR 25122)
FHA Minimum Property Standard #2600
HUD Materials Release (1261)
California State Fire Marshal
State of Wisconsin

All are subject to revision,

Dricon Product Highlights

It's convenient. It's code compliant. It reduces backing installation time by 90%. And contractors love it. Backing steel studs for the attachment of cabinets, fixtures, and handrails has always been difficult, costly and time consuming. The patented Danback™ flexible wood backing plate actually flexes around the stud and snaps in place for a snug, perfect fit. No cutting, routing or notching is required.

The wood portion of Danbacks is made of Dricon® fire retardant treated wood, a code-compliant, Class A material which also has an EPA-registered preservative and well-documented resistance to corrosion.

Product Highlights:

  1. Used as backing plate for the attachment of fixtures in conjunction with metal stud walls
  2. Available in 48" sections, for 16" and 24" O.C. framing
  3. Meets all specifications for commercial and residential applications
  4. Reduces installation time up to 90%
  5. Provides extra screw pull-out strength for heavy-duty backing applications for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, institutional, and residential construction.
  6. Made with code-compliant Class A fire retardant treated wood
  7. Available in FSC certified lumber

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